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Professional And Courteous Staff

After an initial walk through of your building, AJ Building and Grounds will develop a custom tailored service that will fit your building’s needs. In addition, we will provide your building with a check list and schedule of services that will be performed at your building. Whether it’s mopping, vacuuming, cleaning glass, or any other project, our team takes pride in their work and your building to provide you with better enjoyment of your living environment.


Routine, Preventative, and Special

AJ Building and Grounds understands that routine maintenance is essential, not only to the longevity of your building, but also to your pocket book. Our team is trained to look for potential signs of problem areas in your building to help prevent future costs. With over 20 years of experience in all phases of building maintenance, bid solicitation, project coordination and supervision we can help you achieve your building goals.

Have a special project coming up, or need some general maintenance performed? Our in-house contractors would be happy to provide you with a bid for performing the work!

Quality Control

Ensuring You Receive The Service You Deserve

There’s something to be said for a company that not only promises to deliver you the best janitorial service around, but has an internal quality control department to give you extra reassurance. Our quality control managers will perform routine visits to your building to ensure you receive the service you deserve.

Optional Programs

Want More From Your Service?

We are continuously updating our services to better fit the needs of our clients. Please let us know if there is an extra service you would like us to provide to your building.