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The leaves have fallen from the last tree, we have completed fall clean-up and have been busy preparing all of the buildings for the upcoming winter. While we all hope Mother Nature will be much kinder to Chicagoland than last year, we are prepared to deal with whatever comes our way. Our snow blowers and shovels are ready to go!

Other preparations include keeping salt buckets stocked, checking common space heaters are working properly, adjusting light timers to keep up with the earlier sunset and later sunrise and bleeding boilers weekly. At one property, we have been contacting unit owners who need their battery to the boiler sensor changed to prevent problems with heat during the winter.

Once severe weather is in the forecast, our properties can rest assured that AJ’s owners monitor conditions very carefully, even in the wee hours of the night, and determine the best time to start clearing out snow. You can always contact us directly for special concerns or requests.

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